January 18, 2018



We are Andreas and Katherine Miller. Together with our four kids we have built Gesundheit Bakery since 2005. Our mission is to offer you quality baked goods that are still made by hand using some of the finest ingredients available. The breads we make are made without adding any sugar, oil or preservatives. This is important to us given the name of our company (gesundheit = wellness).

We hope you find everything you need here, if not, drop us a line and we will do our best to provide it for you. Thank you for stopping by.


November 1, 2017 Latest updates: Farmers Markets, Customers

Thank you for your patience

Check the customer link to see where our products are available in your area.

The Summer Farmers Market season will be in full swing by the end of May. Some markets have already started, so check our Farmers Market page. Come find us at any of the markets we are attending this summer. All of our products are always made fresh each and every market day.

For a complete list of markets visit our Farmers Markets page

Do you have the Gesundheit Bakery Customer Appreciation Card? If you don't, ask us for one the next time you see us.

What is the Customer Appreciation Card?

It's the card that will give you a free loaf of bread after every tenth loaf is purchased. It can be used at any of the Farmers Markets or in our store only.

Also, when you purchase any of our buns, pretzels, pretzel buns or cheese sticks, you can have a dozen for the price of ten. No card needed for the loose items.